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AlumaReel Accessories


Mobile Welder Remote Power and Amperage Control

Convenience and efficiency are important in any job. Stay on task and eliminate the need to run back and forth to your generator making adjustments. Our remotes are built to work as hard as you do. Mount the remote to nearby surfaces with the magnetic backing to keep controls at your fingertips. Each remote has 4 110/120v plugins to keep other necessary tools powered without having to run additional extension cords.

Built to withstand less than optimal weather, our remotes are made to last. We use a military grade connector that will take the abuse it will get being used in the field. We also have our remotes inspected and stamped for safety. QAI and CSA certifications ensure you get top value for your rig. Our plug and play approach ensures you can easily disconnect the remote and avoid theft.

Our remotes are build for Miller and Lincoln welders, however we are able to customize for you if you happen to be using other brands. Contact us if you would like to have a remote made for your applications.

L100P  – For Lincoln welders  – 6 pin interface (potentiometer)

M100P – For Miller welders – 14 pin interface (potentiometer)

L100R remote

L100R – For Lincoln welders – 3 pole 4 wire interface (rheostat)

Remote Features

  • Quick-connect amphenol cable coupling system. Rated minimum 2000 couplings
  • 4 Powerful rare-earth magnets for easy workpiece mounting
  • Standard 100 Ft (30m) 16/6 SOOW cable
  • Protective covers provided on connector and receptacles to protect from contaminants
  • Certified to SCC standards C22.2 No.14 – industrial control equipment quality auditing