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Unleash the unstoppable power of AlumaReel® welding tools, your unwavering companion in the welding world. Our state-of-the-art range of top-quality tools are expertly designed to transform your welding experience. From innovative rigs to meticulously crafted accessories, our products deliver unmatched performance and unwavering durability. With Alumareel, achieve flawless welds, boost productivity, and conquer any welding project with unwavering confidence. Embrace the strength of your welding skills and ignite your potential with AlumaReel® today.


With 3 sizes to choose from for larger and smaller welders, with the ability to load and unload with a forklift from your truck box quickly. Our skids will hold up to the test of time, and give you professional results that you seek.

Welding Reels

Don’t fret about the quality of your connections or the corrosion of your bearings, and avoid the hassle of rushing back to your welding setup for on-the-fly adjustments. Trust our reels to deliver hassle-free performance, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your welding.

Welding Reel Posts

Experience the power of our robust welding reel posts. Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to effortless organization. Elevate your welding setup with our reliable reel posts and conquer your projects with ease.

Tool Boxes

Power up your welding game with our rugged welding tool boxes. Designed for durability and efficiency, these boxes keep your tools secure and ready for action. Access your gear with ease and conquer your welding projects like a pro. Upgrade to our high-performance welding tool boxes and take control of your welding destiny.

Tool Box Accessories

Upgrade your welding setup with our premium tool box accessories. From Bevel holders to sturdy drawers, our high-performance gear keeps your tools organized and within reach. Boost your efficiency and conquer projects with precision. Unleash your welding potential with our top-quality accessories.

build your own rig with our

3D welding Rig

Build your own welding rig in 3D with AlumaReel® Products, getting a real-life sense of the welding rig of your dreams. Then, send it to us, to be estimated by AlumaReel®. Get started now and take your welding rig to the ultimate level!


Stay on top of your propane, inert/shielding, oxygen, and acetylene gas levels effortlessly, ensuring safety and efficiency wherever you work. Monitor tank levels with our mobile welding gauges for guaranteed accuracy and consistency in every project.

Gauge Posts

Secure your gauges with our reliable posts. Designed for durability and stability, these essential tools ensure accurate measurements during welding. Upgrade your setup and conquer projects with confidence.

Theft Control

Safeguard your welding reels with the unbeatable security of Kupferlock theft control. With its reliable locks and sturdy construction, you can trust in the defense against unauthorized access. Don’t leave your welding rig vulnerable to theft. Take control and upgrade your security with Kupferlock theft control.


Experience ultimate control with our powerful welding reel remotes. Designed for precision and convenience, these remotes put the power in your hands. No more back-and-forth adjustments. Stay focused, uninterrupted, and dominate your welding projects.


Master the art of welding with our comprehensive tool manuals. These manuals provide the knowledge for your welding tool, and become an AlumaReel® Pro. Get your hands on our valuable welding tool manuals and unleash your welding potential.

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cerification for ReelRig™

Got a high-standard site that requires certified equipment? Our welding products deliver the quality you demand, backed up by our certificate. Need to show off proof of our excellence? Download our certificate here.

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